COTMA Conference 1990 Wellington


The Full Document – Part 1 –Participants and Programme– 2.1Mb Download


                                    Part 2 –Workshops– 5.5 Mb


                                    Part 3 –Field Trips and Social– 3.2Mb


                                                The Great Debate– “That Railways are Overgrown Tramways”


                                    Part 4 –COTMA – General Meeting– 3.8Mb


                                    Part 5 –FRONZ AGM– 2.4Mb




1.      Development of the Volunteer Worker– John Burrows


2.      New Zealand Railway and Tramway Safety Regime  - Roger Toleman


3.      Code of Electrical Practice for COTMA Groups– C. Tooke Chair


4.      Archives – Alan Smith


5.      Photography as an Aid in the Museum– John Le Cren - NZR


6.      Tramway and Railway Carriage Roof Coverings– Les Stewart


7.      Handy Hints and new ideas for Restoration and Maintenance– Trevor Burling


8.      Trolley Buses– Peter Rendall


9.      Is your Museum Dying – Richard Gilbert


10.  Brill 21E Truck and other Tram Bogie/Truck Requirements– Tim Borchers


11.  Overhead Construction and Maintenance– C. Tooke


12.  MMTB Instructions in Overhead Construction


13.  Facts and Data on Overhead Trolley Wire Construction– T. Stiff


14.  Trolley Wire Renewal


15.  Wellington Tramway Museum 1990 Projects – Les Stewart